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Wheat & Cereals

(Export from Denmark/EU)

Wheat and grains. Great varieties of grain/cereal types is available: wheat, white wheat, spelt, barley, oats, rye and seeds for baking. Depending on market, we find the best price or the quality wanted. Depends on if the grain/cereal is for human food or maked for feeding animals.

Milled grains, flours and baking seeds. In addition to grains, Danish Gateway have one of Denmarks biggest suppliers with a great range of cereals, baking seeds, flours and flour mixtures. (see the menu BREAD below for more baking products as dried yeast powder, enzymes and other additives for baking and the whole baking industry).



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Milk Powder, Ice Cream Powder & Baby Foods

(Export from Denmark/EU)

Dried milk powder is one of our great main products. Our customers’ suppliers can choose to import different product brands of their own name brand in any quantities. Choose between many types of milk powders: skimmed milk-, low fat milk-, whole milk- and full cream powder. The milk powder is available in different sizes, in both tin cans and bags/pouches, aluminiumfoil packaging.

For industrial use Danish Gateway can deliver the milk powder in sacks, pallets and tank/container.


Ice cream powder is also available in many flavours: vanilla, strawberry, chocolate, banana etc. Ice cream powders are available in a variety of tin can sizes for sale to consumers and in large industrial size packaging for larger orders.


Baby Food is a fast growing market, especially in Africa and China. A third of the population in Africa is today middle class, and these consumers demands safe quality brand products – this includes preserved canned baby food in glass. Ask us for more information about this market – we help you find the best quality or desired brands, the best market price –  or a good, safe discount alternative – always sourced from the worlds best producers of baby food in glass containers. We are specialist in networking for you the best producer contacts – you always get a safe, highest quality product, delivered on time.


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Local Fruits & Vegetables

(Import to Denmark/EU)

Local fruits – fresh, dried or canned. Many countries have a very big range of local grown exotic fruits. This could be super sweet pineapples, mini pineapples, tasty mangos, sweet potatoes, mini bananas and all other exciting fruits – maybe normal in the region, but very interesting as an export product to Europe,

where never seen before. This also includes fresh, pasteurized, frozen or concentrated juices for industrial juice production and bottling elsewhere.


PantherMedia 11424395Local vegetables – fresh, dried or canned, can be a specialty export product to Europe! In West Africa you find very big avocados and many other vegetables which can be sold fresh, dried or preserved. To day an export of baby peas, haricot verts and other out-of-season products in Europe find the way to the
european dining tables.

Only your imagination sets the limits, and of course finding these new products. As Danish Gateway is operation in these areas we often see these exciting products, and can help finding new products for the european market.



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Preserved/Canned Food

(Export from Denmark/EU)

All sorts of canned food is available! Danish Gateway delivers nearly all wanted products. All canned food are preserved and packed in the best tin can or glass packaging for maximum food quality and food safety + a long shelf life performance.

Our professional purchasers finds and offers very high quality products to competitive prices. This area includes all sorts of food, but primarily products from Denmark. Examples are: marmelades, ready-to-eat meals, patés, fish products, margarine, honey, and many more products is on our program – just ask for the
menu card and we will serve you! We promise the best quality, a wide range of products – all at the right price. We take care of all the paperwork conc. importing, ordering etc. We make it easy for you to import from Denmark.

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Meat, Fresh & Canned

(Export from Denmark/EU and Import to Denmark/EU)

Preserved, canned meat products, examples: beef luncheon meat, corned beef, beef cocktails, chicken cocktails, beef frankfurters, chicken frankfurters, many types of meat patés, diffrent sorts of liver patés with/without herbs and spices, fish patés, pressed meat, chicken rolls, ham, bacon, ready-to-eat meals etc.

Fresh meat from Africa – beef from Namibia, Africa, is a specialty. There is more than 2 million beef cattle on the savannah! Denmark is already importing meat from these cattle.


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Fruit Juices

(Import to Denmark/EU)

Fruits for fruit juice production. This includes fresh, pasteurized, frozen or concentrated juices for industrial juice production and bottling.

The juices can be bottled local or elsewhere (export of cooled/frozen or concentrated juice). The citrus fruits shells are used for production af pectine (food starch, gelling agent). This pectine production can be done and refined local or elsewhere.

A large varieties of juices available: orange, grape, pineapple, and more exotic juices and fruit pulps as banana, mango, maracuja…


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Milk (UHT), Butter & Cheese

(Export from Denmark/EU)

Milk, and milk products, from Denmark is the best quality! Denmark is exporting a very, very big amount af milk. LongLife milk or UHT(ultra high temperature) milk is milk heated up to a very high temperature. The milk can stay fresh up til 6 months by 25°C (depends of many factors). Dansih Gateway offers many types
of milk: skimmed milk-, low fat milk-, whole milk- and full cream. The milk is available in different sizes, in both plastic bottles and paper/plastic packagings. Depends on brand and product. Own brand is possible by bigger amounts.

Butter – the danish butter is world famous for its quality! – both as fresh butter for eating and cooking, but also in world famous danish butter cookies.

Cheeses, most known is Danish Feta, also called Danish White, is a creamy smooth variant of the greek feta cheese. Other popular cheeses from Denmark: semi-hard cheeses, semi-soft cheeses, soft cheeses, fresh soft cheeses and spread cheeses – call for more information about cheese name, which cheeses
available for export right now.


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Flours, Yeast, Egg Powder & Enzymes, for baking

(Export from Denmark/EU)

Flours, a great variete of milled grain/cereal types is available: wheat flour, white wheat flour, spelt flour, barley flour, oat flour, rye flour and different seeds for baking. Special flours and flour mixtures is also available.

Yeast, active dry yeast, instant yeast or fresh yeast for baking. Both for consumer use and the industrial baking industry.

Egg Powder, for industrial baking and cooking. Whole egg powder, or separated as egg white- and egg yolk- powder. Denmark has a large industry of safe egg products – all with no risk of salmonella or other critical bacteria.

Enzymes and other baking additives maked for the industrial baking industry. Danish Gateway is also the link between the great enzyme producing factories in Denmark, and the (local) bakers and baking factories around the world.


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Clean Water & Lemonades

(Export from Denmark/EU or help to local production)

Clean water, imported in bottles or local produced is a way to minimize the water-borne bacterias to harm the population with sickness and infections.

Clean water in pipelines by water treatment-, water cleaning- and water filtering- plants, is also a project Danish Gateway can be involved into. Producing clean water can be an energy-consuming process. If the water only need a filtering and other simple water treatment processes (in example UVC-illumination), its a
reasonably simple process. This simple technique makes it possible to bottle clean water local.

Its also possible to convert municipal waste into 100% clean water! This process requires of course a very big waste-to-energy power plant or water treatment modules from Danish Gateway.

Lemonades, chocolate milk, sodas, squash and other soft drinks. A wide range is available. Denmark make some of the worlds best chocolate milk, but also liquid or dry essences and concentrates for lemonade and lemonade production.


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Fish & Seafood

(Export from Denmark/EU)

Canned Fish & Seafood from Denmark is the taste of the seas around Denmark! Canned fish as Mackerel in Tomato Sauce is a specialty from Denmark, but also mackerel in spicy chili sauce or mustard is also very delicate. Cod roe, mules, herrings, smoked herrings in vegetable oil, shrimps, caviar (also vegetable)
and many more products is on our program – just ask for the menu card and we will serve you! We promise the best quality, a wide range of products – all at the right price. We take care of all the paperwork conc. importing, ordering etc. We make it easy for you to import from Denmark.




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Beers, also alcohol-free

Export from Denmark/EU)

Beer from Denmarks largest brewery or some other big danish breveries or may be Denmarks smallest micro breweries – it is your choice! Beer from the large breweries is world famous known brands, and most beers from the small micro breweries is only (locally) known in Denmark. One thing is sure – you get quality,
quality and quality. Denmark is known world wide for its good beer. Get the beer in bottles or cans.

Alcohol-free beer or beer with a low alcohol content is also available. Choose between different brands and types of the non- or low alcohol content beers.





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Nuts, Dried Fruits & Cocoa- and Coffee Beans

(Import to Denmark/EU)

Nuts from West Africa is high quality nuts. Cashew nuts, kola nuts, macadamia nuts, peanuts, brazil nuts, walnuts, almonds and exotic nuts can find their way to Denmark/EU by Danish Gateway.

The nuts can be exported from Africa as totally ready-to-eat products, packed in sales packaging in own brand, or as raw products – it depends on the type of nuts and how they should be treated before it reach the end-user or food companies.

The nuts are available in many sortings and qualities, and the the prices are very attractive for nut purchasers. High quality for a very fair price!

At the moment some nut farmers are working on the Fairtrade program for West Africa for organic grown nuts, the “Fairtrade Standard for Nuts for small Producer Organizations”.


cocoa400x200pxCocoa- and Coffee beans
from West Africa: Import cocoa and coffee directly from the producers in Ghana, Ivory Coast, Nigeria and Cameroon.

Danish Gateway helps finding the producers with the best quality and the best price – and products produced under the right conditions. Offen we visits the producer several times and see all the processes, to be sure that everything can be approved by us and we can trust the producer – and the human rights are respected in all fases of production.













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Dried Fruits

Dried fruits of many types: pineapple, mango, coconut, banana, peach, nectarine, apricot and many, many more! Hundreds of variants of dried fruit from Africa is a great industry with great opportunities for further expansions of markets. Dried fruit are used in many ways and can easy find new application possibilities
– a great fruity industry with great business expansions…



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Vegetable Oils & Spices/Herbs

(Export from Denmark/EU and Import to Denmark/EU)

Vegetable Oils for consumers, the food industry and the chemical industry (soap, shampoo, etc.) and other areas. Danish Gateway distribute vegetable oils to and from e.g. West Africa and other countries. Olis are sold and imported in all sizes of packaging, from small bottles for consumers, on pallets or in
tank/container for industrial use. The oils can be the raw product or a refined product.



PantherMedia A15283076The export oil types are as follows: canola oil, sunflower oil, grape seed oil, olive oil, corn/maiz oil and more…

The Import to Denmark/EU oils are as follows: coconut oil, peanut oil, palm oil, avocado oil, macadamia oil, cocoa butter, shea oil/butter, and more…

Spices & Herbs from Africa and India, e.g.: Black pepper, Chilli, cayenne pepper, cloves, saffron, vanilla, sesame, tamarind, ginger, cinnamon, nutmeg and many more… Call for more information about import of local produced spices and herbs from Africa and India – only orders on larger amounts are currently possible.